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S H Y L A    K E I P E R

Shyla Keiper | Portrait Photographer
Creative Portrait & Conceptual Photographer

Born in Clearwater, Florida. Shyla Keiper first picked up a camera at the early age of fifteen – inspired by portraiture, fashion, and conceptual photography. Growing up in the age of social media and digital techniques empowered Shyla to develop her own style in creating a vibrant and contemporary brand. After interning with a local photographer, she made the decision to embrace photography as a full-time career by creating her own business, Shyla Shoots in 2020. This is where she naturally felt the transition to lifestyle and portrait photography. 


Shyla enjoys creating energetic quality imagery with a timeless feel.  She is inspired by feminine power, unique beauty and lively style.

Shyla currently resides in Dunedin, Florida, taking inspiration from the warm sunshine and urban vibes.  She takes pride in being a mommy and is inspired by the love she has for her son Reign, wanting to document those feelings in others lives. 

Shyla Keiper | Portrait Photographe



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